Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Find The Phone Numbers Of The Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies & Contact Them For Rate Quotes

Why is it important to know your auto insurance phone numbers? Itís crucial to know your carrierís phone numbers to ask them for guidance after a car accident, as well as to call them with any questions about your policy at anytime. Some carriers also accept payments by phone, plus you can file a claim via telephone. If your company has a website, you can find their numbers there. If they donít have a site, you can find their numbers at online directories or through the yellow pages.

In regard to an auto insurance carrierís phone support, the most essential point to check is if their claim support line works 24/7. The sad fact is that even some of the largest carriers may have a claims support line with restricted hours and days of the week (some agencies donít work on Sundays or even Saturdays at all). Since nobody can predict when a road accident will happen, it is best to have a carrier with a 24/7 claims support line. Otherwise, they will not be able to help you if an accident happens late in the evening, at night, early in the morning, or on the weekend. Ironically, these are the times when the roads have a lot of drunk drivers, as people tend to consume more alcohol in the evening, at night, and on weekends. In other words, you will be vulnerable at the worst times, so try to go with a company that has a 24/7 claims support line.

It is a good idea to have all of the important phone numbers of your company written down on paper and stored in your car. This way, if something happens to your car on the road or when your car is parked, you can call your carrier and ask them how to proceed. Most of the larger companies have toll free numbers, so it should not even cost you anything to call them.

What else may you want to check, other than whether this company has a 24/7 toll free claims support phone line? If you are looking at which company to go with, you can also check their complaint ratio with your state department of insurance. The fact is that having a 24/7 toll free claims support line will not do much if this company is infamous for their poor customer service. The company may not have enough representatives servicing their phones. Then again, their representatives may not be knowledgeable enough to assist you. You can check for such complaints and other types of complaints filed against this company on your state DOI website. Another great option is auto insurance review sites, where you can see what other people are saying about this company.

To know all of the details about your independent auto insurance provider, youíll find it very useful to visit a couple of professional rating sites, such as J.D. Power and A.M. Best. The first professional service rates customer satisfaction about contacting the insurer. The second resource can provide you with information about an insurerís financial soundness and stability.