Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Cheap Ohio Auto Insurance Quotes

Compared to the rest of the US, Ohio auto insurance is quite inexpensive. This is good news for those of you that want to purchase cheap auto insurance packages. In 2010, OH was the 7th cheapest state by this cost, after Iowa, Hawaii, Maine, Idaho, and Arkansas. Car insurance rates in Ohio are quite low partly because this state requires the smallest amounts of vehicle insurance in the country: 12.5/25/7.5 of liability insurance. Another reason is the lower costs of living – in 2010, OH was the 14th cheapest state by cost of living.

Ohio is a pure Tort state – this state requires motorists to buy solely liability coverage. Unlike PIP and Tort add-on states, Ohio does not require motorists to buy PIP (personal injury protection). Ohio does not require purchasing uninsured motorist coverage either. Nonetheless, many drivers in OH choose to purchase PIP, uninsured motorist, and other coverage, including collision, comprehensive, rental vehicle, and roadside assistance. Now you may be thinking how is it possible to obtain cheap car insurance in Ohio with all these extra add-ons? You have to be thrifty about it.

Since automobile insurance isn't just purchased to comply with the laws of a given state, but also to provide the policyholder with protection, many drivers choose to buy optional coverage that they find indispensable for their protection. On the other hand, many drivers are content with having cheap auto insurance plans in Ohio. A large number of drivers also choose to increase the state required coverage amounts. Since automobile insurance in the state of Ohio is quite affordable, purchasing more coverage truly makes sense and can fit into the budget of many consumers.

In order to decide on the kind of cheap auto insurance quotes that make sense for you to purchase, you need to study each of them and understand what each type protects you from. Some coverage types will cover your liability, others will pay for fixing your vehicle, others will pay for your medical bills, etc. Each can only cover you up to the limit set on your policy. In some cases, the limit may be set too low, resulting in the policyholder having to pay the rest from their own assets. Many coverage types come with a deductible, which is also very important to consider. Setting your deductibles high will lower your premiums, but will also necessitate you to pay this amount from your own money in case of an accident.

Are there ways to lower your auto insurance rates in Ohio? Yes, such ways exist. The easiest way to lower your premium is by searching for the least expensive company. Insurance companies base their rates on an array of factors, and these factors constantly fluctuate. For example, a company may be offering lower rates to groups of people they believe not to file too many claims, such as senior drivers, female drivers, rural drivers, and so on. If you belong to these groups of people, this insurer may offer nice rates to you. Comparison shopping is the best way to lower anyone’s insurance costs.

There are other steps that can be undertaken, such as making your auto safer by installing safety and security devices, starting to park your vehicle in a safer place, starting to drive less, undertaking defensive driving courses, and more. Also be sure to read up on the Department of Insurance website for Ohio. Any one of these methods can help you lower your rates even in an inexpensive insurance state like OH.